Bas Jee Rahay Hain Samjh Lo Kamaal Kar Rahay Hain

Corruption in India is one of the most menacing threats that our economy has been battling since independence. At all levels of bureaucracy, corruption has seemingly taken its toll and has corroding the structure of our nation. Be it private or public sector, we Indian people have the tendency of misusing the public position or power and gain personal benefits. When evaluating the cause responsible for corruption, the number seems to be infinite. However the main reason is lack of implementation of the rules and laws and another reason is lack of transparency in bureaucracy and government processes.

Corruption is internalized in our culture, some people who are honest, they don’t take bribes but happily willing to give bribes. The ones who are not so rich and are unable to bribe officials, don’t get their work done on time and their files collect dust in the offices. Corruption is one of the greatest evils that break the backbone of our society. When I think about the corruption, I think about me and you. I think about us and the society, and I also think about those corrupted persons, who are fighting for corrupting the corruption. Can we make our country corrupt free? Can we really fight against us? Well like-wise thousands of questions are raised everyday by you and me. When it comes to fighting this adversary, the first blood must be drawn by general public that is if there are no individuals that pay bribe then the structure automatically resurrects again. The implementation of laws should be stricter and increased transparency must be brought into action.

Moreover our nation belongs to its youth. Unless our youth becomes vigilant, corruption can’t be unplugged from our society. Another important factor by which we can eradicate this advisory from the society, include the three key societal members, they are the father, mother and the teacher. If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel that these three societal members can make a big difference.

Qissa-e- Ghame hayat na pooch hum se Ghalib, Bas Jee Rahay Hain Samjh Lo Kamaal Kar Rahay hein.


This article was originally posted on on March 1, 2016 by