Change remains constant!

Change remains constant…..!Yog Rahi Gupta.The only constant thing in our life is change! The winds of change blow through our life, sometimes gently,sometimes like a monsoon storm. We hate being disturbed from our resting places-and having to move to another level of living.But the change is inevitable, and desirable. Sometimes,when the winds of change begin to rustle, we’re not certain the change is for the better. We may call it stress or a temporary condition, certain we’ll be restored to normal.sometimes we resist. We tuck our head down and bow against the wind, hoping things will quickly calm down, get back to normal. But is it possible we ‘re being prepared for a new “normal”?Change will sweep through our life, as needed,to take us where we’re supposed to go.We have to trust God has a plan in mind,even when we don’t know where the changes are leading.We can trust the change taking place is good. The wind will take us where we have to go. Just like the seasons change,our life changes. We have to be open to the change that is coming and willing to learn the lesson that this change has for us. For instance we are just in beginning of summer. But if instead of accepting this I hang on to living the way I was living during the winter months then I’m going to land up with prickly heat and boils! All because I didn’t adjust to change. Same with our lives. Many of us even know we need changes in our lives but continue to live a life we are no longer satisfied with. People stay in relationships that aren’t good for them. Keep jobs they are not happy with. There is nothing wrong with change. If you stay in the same place, you may never know if something better is out there. There is no need to fear change. Change is good! As I look back at my own life,I have made the greatest accomplishments when changes occurred in my life. If you are going through some sort of change right now,take some time to think what is the lesson here and how can I make this a change for the better. But the greatest way to handle change is with total trust in the one behind the change and with a prayer “Today help me o God,to let go my resistance to change, help me open to the process. Help me believe that the place I”ll be dropped off will be better than the place where I was picked up. Help me surrender, trust, trust, and accept , even if I don’t understand.(Yog Rahi Gupta is a winnipeg based free lance writer and a host of Voice of India radio show every Sunday evening from 5 to 6pm at radio CKJS -810 AM.)