Everyday is a Woman Day

The world marks 8th March as international Women’s day. Frankly speaking,what is the fun of celebrating this one day when the actual situation is changing for worse? Why are we enmeshing ourselves in the claptrap of perfunctory discussions and debates while the problems are assuming alarming proportions?There are some people who are waiting for laws and some for movements and yet others for accidents so as to act and realize that something needs and has to be done.Hear in! Hear out! The day is over,people are back on their own ways and eventually the concern succumbs to indifference with time.This is how it goes. Look how we have customized everything.Protest,dissent,consideration, love, care and sympathy. Notwithstanding the fact that the shrill calls for freedom and empowerment of women are reverberating thunderously all around the world, the level of consciousness and awareness is at its zenith and a profound espousal of women’s cause exists, yet the graph of injustice and crimes against women is squarely escalating. Why is all this happening? It is because our approach of analyzing ,understanding and solving of problem is too narrow and nebulous in scope.This is the reason that when we set to rectify this problem we least know what needs to be done. There is no denying the fact that a problem exists and that we need a cure what counts is diagnosis. What if diagnosis is wrong? We may toil day in and day out but the problem would remain impregnable there. This is precisely what is happening. The real issue is that we have wholly capitulated to the western concept of freedom and empowerment of women and thus we have been persuaded that the causes of pain, tribulation, injustice and disempowerment that a woman faces lie where the western feminists and activists think(If bikini clad bodies are a reflection of your concept of freedom and empowerment , you better keep it for, we are well off without it).Of course a women has ceased to be a war booty or an alliance gift as she used to be considered in past but she continues to bear the brunt of despicable troubles to this very day. Thanks to our rhetoric and merely haven scratched the surface without analyzing the whole affair in depth.The time has come when mechanical measures have to be kept at bay as we have had enough of them.A new starting on a spiritual front has to be conceived. Let’s pledge to strive to appreciate the eminence God has bestowed a woman with. This would be the first step in realizing the freedom and empowerment of woman. A woman is a paragon of divinity, the mother of society  and a source of humanity. When it comes to her stature, it is so elevated that hands down

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