Humanitarian Crisis – Yemen 

When one looks at the history,war is not a solution and war has never been a solution to any problem in the world. It has only brought death and destruction and more importantly increased the sales of fancy artillery and weaponry in the form of fighters jets like F-16’s and F-17’s worth millions. These days world is witnessing another war in the Middle East. Earlier it used to be outsiders bombing Middle East, but this time it’s the neighboring country bombing another sovereign country and ironically, that too a Muslim nation bombing another Muslim nation . Some analysts have called it “Saudi adventurism” in the Middle East. One has to be careful in expressing their views with respect to this situation before getting labeled .

We should rise above our sentiments and affiliations and a balanced point of view with respect to the Yemen situation should be appreciated, otherwise, one sided and emotional content can only mislead populace around us. The so called Muslims are emotional at times and trend to look at everything through the prism of emotions and sectarianism, while the fact is the current Middle East situation has nothing to do with religion. This is plainly political and power battle and behind the curtains are some other forces who are playing their games and are making their economies out of innocent blood spilled and this time it is Middle East again. As someone has precisely said,”there are no permanent friends or enemies but permanent interests in international relations.”

Astonishing claims,made by some on this subject, mostly miss quotation, misrepresentation, miss interpretation,miss facts ,miss figures,self serving and mixture of just cherry picked quotes. Let’s be honest for a minute and ask ourselves some simple questions. Why Is Yemen such a poor nation in the midst of some wealthiest nations in the regions? It has been decades and innocent people of Palestine are being mercilessly killed, why the so called Muslim Ummah  act as mute spectator to the atrocities committed against Palestinians? Why is world silent?why is Middle East silent? Why is Arab world silent?

Pardon me, we need to stop being hypocrites and make efforts to wake up the dead souls, and help to shake the conscious souls to raise their true voice about the Yemen situation. How can a Muslim country kill fellow Muslims of other country no matter how much differences they have,how can they provide air space to attack other Muslim country,how can they provide troops to kill fellow Muslims,be that Afghanistan,Iraq, Syria,and now-Yemen. Last but not least,why to make an”Arab Front” to kill fellow Muslims and where was this “Arab Front” when Gaza was being bombarded last year? This ongoing adventurism in Middle East as some call it,has nothing to do with Islam. In plain English ,it is a political and power battle, let’s aspire more balanced and sincere voices prevail in these times of hypocrisy.

Now that it is purely power and politics.In the domain of such politics comes diplomacy , let the nations with conscious souls and cool heads use their diplomacy to stop this war and save innocent lives of Yemen killed both internally within the war of tribes from outside bombing, and it is possible as someone has beautifully said that politics is the art of possibilities. Let’s hope some national and sensible senses will prevail and war will be stopped and innocent lives saved as of now it has only brought death and destruction  and hatred and by the way, that will take ages to get away with the scale of devastation happened and is still happening. Let the media and analysts focus on real substance rather than sound bites that only help in their TRP’S busy in scoring their television rating points at the cost of innocent blood. Let’s hope responsible individuals and nations will speak up and stop the deaths of innocent lives including women and children’s as in the words of Faiz Ahmad Faiz:

Bol, ke lab azaad hai tere,

Bol, zabaan ab tak teri hai

Tera sutwan jism hai tera-

Bol, ke jaan ab tak teri hai.

Dekh ke aahangar ki dukaan mein

Tund hai shule, surkh hai aahan,

Khulne-lage quflon ke dahane,

Phaila hare k zanzeer ka daaman.

Bol, yeh thora waqt bahut hai,

Jism o zabaan ki maut se pehle,

Bol, ke sach zinda hai ab tak-

Bol, jo kuchh kahna hai kah-le!


Speak , for your lips are yet free,

Speak,for your tongue is still your own,

Your lissom body yours alone,

Speak, your life, is still your own,

Look into the blacksmith’s forge,

The flame blazes,the iron’s red,

Locks unfasten open-mouthed,

Every chain’s link springing wide.

Speak, a little time suffices

Before the tongue, the body die,

Speak the truth is still alive,

Speak: say what you have to say.


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